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Located in Eagle River, WI   715-477-0819

Outstanding Pet Grooming and Boarding Facility in Eagle River, WI

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Affordable Pet Boarding Facility

Looking for a comfortable and pocket-friendly place to house your pet while you're away? Count on Canine Cuts and Boarding. We charge a reasonable fare of $13 per day plus tax.
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Brown beagle in boarding

Pet Grooming Services

Grooming cat with tool for shedding hair
The professionals at Canine Cuts and Boarding have over 23 years of experience in providing quality pet grooming services. Choose our brushing, deshedding and nail trimming services.
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Special Pet Care Services

At Canine Cuts and Boarding, we cater to animals with special needs and also the oneson medication. Visit us with your pet today to get him or her a FREE eye hair and butt hair trimming.
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Grooming dog with tool for shedding hair
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